In the kitchen it was toasty warm! Barney baked cookies while Baby Bop spread tasty icing on them.

"I can't wait for Christmas!" exclaimed BJ. "Can we make some of our presents now? Can we?" asked Baby Bop excitedly.

The three friends found special places to work on their presents. Barney made a wooden truck for BJ.

BJ decorated a sock puppet for Baby Bop. Baby Bop drew a colorful picture for Barney.

Then they wrapped their Christmas presents in pretty paper, ribbons, and bows. "Oh, boy! This box has my name on it!" BJ shouted.

Fresh, white snow covered everything. "The trees look sooo pretty", said Baby Bop.

"The animals look so cold and hungry", said BJ. "The snow has covered all their food". Suddenly the three dinosaurs had a super-dee-duper idea!

Baby Bop made a loop for the apples while BJ tied bunches of carrots together.

As Barney strung crispy popcorn and plump cranberries together, he chuckled and said, "Oh, this will be such a special Christmas surprise!"

Christmas morning finally arrived. The sleepy animals awoke to something wonderful! The squirrels couldn't believe their eyes.

Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop had decorated a little pine tree with the animals' favorite foods! "Merry Christmas!" shouted the three happy dinosaurs.

Everyone played around the little tree all Christmas morning. Then Baby Bop asked excitedly, "Can we go inside and open our presents now?"

"Thank you, Baby Bop, for the pretty picture", said Barney. Baby Bop exclaimed, "This is my favorite puppet, BJ! Thanks!" "You're welcome, Sissy", answered BJ pushing a new toy. "The truck you made for me is really cool, Barney!"

"It's nice to get special presents", said Baby Bop. "And it's nice to give special presents too", exclaimed BJ.

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