Written by Sarah Roberts, illustrated by Joe Mathieu

One day Bert was painting. It was hard work. It made Bert thirsty. He got out the milk. Splat! Bert dropped the milk. "Ernie!" yelled Bert. "Help!" Ernie came running. "Why did you pour milk on the floor?' he asked. "I did not pour it", said Bert. "I spilled it. Please go out and find a mop. And hurry!" Ernie ran down Sesame Street. He saw Betty Lou. "Bert needs a mop. Do you have one?" he asked Betty Lou. "Gee, I don't know", she said. "But I will look for one." Betty Lou walked down the street. "If Bert needs a map... he must be going on a trip!" she said. "I will look for a map. Then I will ask him to send me a postcard." Betty Lou knocked on Oscar's trash can. Clang clang! "Who woke me up?" growled Oscar. "I did", said Betty Lou. "Bert needs a map. Do you have one?' she asked. "How should I know?" yelled Oscar. "I am asleep!" Slam went the lid. Oscar peeked his head out of the trash can. Now he was wide awake. "I will find Bert a mat", growled Oscar. "Then maybe everyone will leave me alone." Then Big Bird came along. "Hi, Oscar!" he said. "How are you today?" "Rotten!" yelled Oscar. "Bert needs a mat. I am looking for one and I hate helping!" Big Bird ran home. "Bert needs a mitt", he thought. "He must want to play baseball! Maybe I can play too." Big Bird got his bat and began to look for a mitt. Big Bird looked everywhere. He saw no mitt. But he did see Grover. "Bert needs a mitt. Do you have one?" Big Bird asked him. "I will look for one", said Grover. And he ran home to look. "Bert needs a mitten", Grover told his mother. "I will find one", said Grover's mother. "Oh, good!" said Grover. "Bert will be so happy." Just then Herry came to Grover's window. "Come out to play!" called Herry. "Not now", said Grover. "Bert needs a mitten. I will look for one." Herry smiled to himself. He ran to the pet shop. "I know how Bert feels", Herry said. "Everyone needs a kitten. Kittens are so cute!" Herry saw the kitten. "I will give you to Bert. You will make him happy!" Herry told the kitten. "Purr", went the kitten. Bert looked at the clock. He saw a puddle on the floor. He tapped his foot. "Where is Ernie?" he said. "And where is that mop?" Suddenly the door opened and everyone rushed in. Everyone had something to give to Bert. Betty Lou had a big map. Oscar had an old mat. Big Bird had a baseball mitt. Grover had a warm mitten. Herry had a furry kitten. Bert looked at the map, the mat, the mitt, the mitten, and the kitten. "What's going on?" cried Bert. "All I needed was a mop! And where is Ernie?" Just then Ernie came home. "Look, Bert", said Ernie. "I found a mop!" "You're too late, Ernie", said Bert. "I don't need it anymore." "The kitten lapped up all the milk." Everyone laughed.

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