Written by Emily Pearl Kingsley, illustrated by A. Delaney.

"Hi, Betty Lou!" said Big Bird. "Can you tell me how to get to the school? Prairie Dawn is playing in the school orchestra and I have to take her cello to her." "Go down that way, Big Bird", Betty Lou answered. "Then just follow the signs. But you'd better hurry. It's almost time for the concert." Big Bird stopped at the corner. "Oh, look! There's a sign that said Don't Walk. Betty Lou said to follow the signs, so I'd better not walk."

"Oh boy, The sign says Walk. Now I can waljk."

"There's another sign. It says Down. I guess I should go down into the subway", said Big Bird.

"Look at all the signs in here-This Way In and Push. I'd better hurry up and down and follow the signs." "Oh, there's another sign. It says "Brush With Foam-O!" Big Bird sat down. "It's a good thing a packed my toothbrush in Prairie Dawn's cello case!"

"Wow! That sign says To The Street." Big Bird jumped up and ran out of the subway. "What a silly sign! It says One Way", said Big Bird. "Anybody knows I can only walk one way!"

"This sign says Stop, so I'm stopping. But, gee, I wonder how long I have to stop here."

"Oh, this sign says Go Team Go! Now I can go!" said Big Bird.

"Here's another sign. It says No Left Turn! I guess that means I should go straight."

"Here's the school! But that sign says Slow-School Zone. I'd better slow down." "Hurry up, Big Bird", called Prairie Dawn. "The concert's about to begin."

"There are so many signs here", said Big Bird. He yawned. "I wonder if there's one that said Sleep. Boy, am I tired!"

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