Dancing Underpants Ghoulie
Season 01, Episode 11b
Dancing Underpants Ghoulie
Air Date November 22, 1999
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Dancing Underpants Ghoulie is the B part of the eleven episode of the first season of Mona the Vampire on Nov 22, 1999.

Summary Edit

In investigating the laundromat because Mrs. Bryerson will view underpants wanting before his son Edward Bryerson leads him to the nursing home in order to be cured, Mona the Vampire learns that it is a ghost that the pants dance that is Arthur Lafayette, who died 10 years ago, attempts to perform one of his most cherished dreams.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Emma Taylor-Isherwood Mona the Vampire / Mona Parker
Carrie Finlay Princess Giant / Lily Duncan
Justin Bradley Zapman / Charley Bones
Marcel Jeannin Mr. Parker
Carole Jeghers Mrs. Parker
Tia Caroleo Angela Smith
Jennifer Seguin Miss Gotto
Sonja Ball Mrs. Bryerson
Frank Welker Marahute/Joanna

Uncredited appearances Edit