Written by Sarah Roberts, illustrated by Tom Leigh

Big Bird liked to play with his friends. But sometimes it is hard to play with them. Their jump ropes are too short. Their hopscotch boxes are too small. Hide-and-seek hiding places are too little. See-saws come down, but never go up. One day Big Bird came home from the park by himself. "I am too big to play with my friends", he sobbed. Big Bird was so busy crying he did not see Snuffy. "Don't cry, Bird", said Snuffy. "You are not too big. Their games are too little." Big Bird jumped up. Big Bird stopped crying. "Do you really think so, Snuffy?" "Yes, Bird, I really do", said Snuffy. "You are a nice size--big like me." Then Big Bird had an idea. "Hey, we are both big", he said. "So let's play together!" Snuffy shook his head. "No, Bird, I can't play now. It is time for my nap." Snuffy went slowly down the street. "It is nice to be big", he thought to himself. "But sometimes I wish I were smaller." Back at the park, Ernie and Bert were thinking. "If only Big Bird was smaller, then he could play with us", said Ernie. "Well, we can't make him smaller", said Bert. "But maybe our games can be bigger like this!" Then he tied two jump ropes together. Grover came to get him. "We have a big surprise for you!" said Grover. When he got to the park, he saw Ernie and Bert. they were turning the big rope. "Jump, Big Bird!" they said. Big Bird jumped. The rope went over his head. "Hooray for Big Bird!" they said. Everyone had a turn at jumping rope. Then Betty Lou drew hopscotch boxes. "Come on, Big Bird, hop!" she said. Big Bird hopped. Then he looked down. "I did it right!" he said. "I did not step on the lines! Hooray for me!" Big Bird was really happy. Until he remembered something. "I am still too big for hide-and-seek", he said. Then Big Bird had an idea. "Hey, everybody!" Big Bird shouted. "I do not have to hide. I can be it. I can look for you!" Everybody played hide-and-seek. Big Bird was it. Then they played on the see-saw. He sat on one end. All of Big Bird's friends sat on the other. The see-saw went up and down. "What can we do now?" asked Herry. "Let's fly my new kite!" said Betty Lou. She held the string and ran and ran and ran. The kite began to fly. It flew higher and higher. Until it hip on top of the tree. Bump! The kite fell down and stuck in the tree. "Oh, no!" cried Betty Lou. "I'll never get my kite back now." Big Bird ran to Betty Lou. "Don't cry," he said. "I think I can help." Big Bird stood up his tiptoes. He reached high up and pulled down the kite. "Here, Betty Lou!" he said. "Your kite is as good as new!" "Hooray for Big Bird!" everyone cheered. Big Bird was very happy. "Now let's play my favorite game", he said. "What game is that?" everyone asked. "Giant steps!" Big Bird said.

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