George redirects here. For George's clone from the episode The Devious Doppelganger, see George Jamell (doppelganger).

George Jamell

Mona the Vampire George Jamell

Full Name
George Jamell

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No information
Mrs. Jamell (mother)
Unnamed aunt
Principal Shawbly (aunt)
Angela Smith (Wife in the future)
Voiced by
Oliver Grainger (season 1, 2 and 3)
James Harbour (season 4)

George Jamell is the school bully who refers to Mona, Lily and Charley as a "bunch of babies in Halloween costumes" and picks on Charley most of the time but is not that tough when confronted.

History Edit

He is often seen with Angela. Not only is he a bully, but he's also a tattletale extraordinaire. If there is mischief occurring to which he is not a party or if students haven't done their homework, George is there to tell Ms. Gotto. George is thick, mean, and like all successful bullies, he has a preference for bullying those smaller than him. Worst of all, his tattling has made him the Principal's pet, so the Principal won't lift a finger to discipline him. That and the fact that he is Principal Shawbly's nephew. 

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