Written by Jennifer Smith, illustrated by Tom Cooke

Grover liked school. He liked his room. He liked his teacher. He liked the children in his class. One day a new boy came to Grover's school. "This is Barry", said the teacher. "Barry is going to be in our class." "It is hard to be new", Grover said to himself. "I will help Barry. I will be his friend." Grover said, "Hi, Barry! My name is Grover." Barry said, "Hi! Look what I have!" Barry took a little car out of his pocket. "Oh, what a cute little car! May I play with it?" asked Grover. Barry shook his head. "No", he said. "Oh", said Grover. "I understand." Grover showed Barry the clay cupboard. He shared his crayons with Barry. He helped Barry find the bathroom. He gave one of his cookies to Barry at milk time. But Barry never once said thank you. Soon it was story time. Everyone sat in a circle. The teacher read them "Goldilocks." Everyone was very quiet. Everyone but Barry. "Please be quiet", said the teacher. Barry kept talking. After story time everyone went to the playground. "Let's go on the slide", said Barry. "Okay", said Grover. Grover got in line behind Sam. But Barry ran to the front. He pushed in front of Molly. Barry climbed the ladder. He stood at the top of the slide. "Hey, Grover!" he called. "Look at me!" Molly started up the ladder. "Barry doesn't wait his turn", she said. "That is not nice. Who does he think he is." Grover said, "He is just new. It is hard to be the new kid. Do not be mad at him." Back inside Grover showed Barry the wooden puzzles. There was a farm puzzle. There was a zoo puzzle. There was a circus puzzle. Truman took the farm puzzle. "I want that one", said Barry. He grabbed it from Truman. Grover was the only one who ate lunch with Barry. The others talked about Barry. "Barry doesn't wait his turn", said Truman. "Barry doesn't say please or thank you", said Molly. "Barry reminds me of someone rude", said Sam. "Who?" asked Truman. "Goldilocks!" said Sam. They all laughed and laughed. After lunch Grover painted a picture. It had a yellow sun. It had a red house. It had a blue car. He stood back and looked at his picture. It looked good! Grover was proud of his painting. Then Barry came over. He showed Grover his painting. It was a picture of a firetruck. "That is very nice", said Grover. "Do you like mine?" "Your picture needs a firetruck", Barry said. He picked up a brush. He painted a firetruck next to Grover's car. "I do not want that in my painting!" shouted Grover. "You are not nice to anyone." And Grover walked away from Barry. Barry looked surprised. Grover sat all by himself and looked out the window. He did not want to paint anymore. He did not want to look at books. He did not want to do anything. Suddenly a little toy car ran into Grover's foot. "Grover", Barry said shyly. "Do you want to play with my car? I'm sorry about your painting. I forgot how to be nice today." "I know", said Grover. He smiled. "Let us play with your car together." Soon it was time to clean up. Molly washed the paintbrushes. Sam picked up the clay. Truman stacked  the puzzles. Grover put away the blocks. And Barry helped everyone. Grover and Barry walked home from school together. Barry said, "I was afraid to come to school today." "I know", said Grover. "It is hard to be the new kid." At the corner Grover and Barry waved goodbye. "See you tomorrow!" said Grover. "See you tomorrow!" said Barry. "I am glad you are my friend!"

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