This article is about the character from the episode "The Skeleton Cowboy" of the television series. For other uses of "Jack", see Jack (disambiguation). For other uses of "Smith", see Smith (disambiguation).

Jack Smith is a character mentioned in the episode "The Skeleton Cowboy" of the television series Mona the Vampire.

Character overviewEdit

In the episode, Mona Parker went into the police department and outlandishly claimed to Officer Halcroft, the local police chief, that Buckskin Bill, a character from a local legend, was back in town and has rustled all of the horses that were previously on the local carousel. After this, Officer Halcroft mentioned Jack Smith when he said that the horses are likely with Jack Smith, who had also probably placed a new coat of paint onto the horses. Because of this, it can be assumed that Jack Smith probably has a career related to painting.

Character development backgroundEdit

The writers of the episode gave this character the name "Jack Smith" simply because the name rhymes with the word blacksmith. The writers used this rhyme scheme for the moment when, during Mona's moment of imagination, had misheard Officer Halcroft at first thinking that he said that "those horses are probably at the blacksmith's", when he actually said "Jack Smith's".

Voicing informationEdit

There are no voice actors for this character, because the character appears to have no lines.