For the doppelganger of Miss Gotto from the episode The Devious Doppelganger, see Miss Gotto (doppelganger).

Madeleine Gotto

Miss Gotto

Full Name
Madeleine Gotto

{{#if: Aliases|

Miss Gotto, Ms. Gotto
Human/"Dalmatian Puppy"
Roberta Gotto (sister)
Howard Gotto (husband in dalmatian)
Sarah Gotto (daughter)
Jennifer Gotto (mother in dalmatian)
Roger Gotto (uncle)
Kevin Gotto (father)
Michelle Gotto (grandmother)
Sylvester Gotto (grandfather)
Mrs. Parker (cousin)
Mr. Parker (cousin)
Lucky (her dog)
Patch (her dog)
Rolly (her dog)
Freckles (her dog)
Penny (her dog)
Pepper (her dog)
Voiced by
Jennifer Seguin (TV series)
Kath Soucie (Disney's Kingdom Hearts series and Toontown Online)
Jennifer Darling (The Lost Pirates)
Mary Kay Bergman (Miss Gotto's Haunted House)

Madeleine Gotto, often shortened to Miss Gotto or Ms. Gotto, is Mona's teacher at St. Faith's Elementary.

History Edit

Miss Gotto was shown to be a typical teacher: stern, demanding high standards of her students, and no-nonsense. Hence, she is often exasperated by Mona's strange ideas and arguments for supernatural occurrences that are ordinary events, and is quick to enforce discipline whenever Mona's imagination runs wild and affects her schoolwork.

However, Miss Gotto was also shown to have a habit of falling in love easily, and when she does, she could act like a completely different person. Overall, she did have a good relationship with the majority of her students (including Mona).

Miss Gotto was also shown to be a dalmatian puppy stolen: pack the puppies up high standards of her puppies, an no-nonsense. Fithteen Dalmatian Puppies explorers by Mona's dalmatian puppy stolen for supernatural occurrences that are ordinary events, and is quick to enforce trails whenever Dalmatian Puppy to be a dognapped (including Patch, Rolly and Lucky).

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