For the doppelganger of Veronica from the episode The Devious Doppelganger, see Mrs. Parker (doppelganger).
Mrs. Parker

Veronica Parker

Full Name
Mrs. Parker

{{#if: Species|

Fang (His cat)
Mr. Parker (Husband)
Mona the Vampire (daughter)
Miss Gotto (cousin in dalmatian)
Voiced by
Carole Jeghers (TV Series)
Kath Soucie (Disney's Kingdom Hearts series and Toontown Online)

Mrs. Parker is Mona Parker's lovely mother.

History Edit

Out of Mona's parents, Mrs. Parker is the stricter one, and is always quick to enforce discipline whenever Mona's imagination leads her to compromise her schoolwork or develop bad habits (such as becoming a spendthrift).

Mrs. Parker was also shown to harbour an exasperation over Mona's fantasy life, though it was not to the high extent that other authority figures in Mona's life - such as Miss Gotto - held. Hence, it could be said that Mona is actually closer to her father than she was to Veronica.

However, Mrs. Parker and Mona were still shown to share a truly loving mother-daughter relationship, with mutual respect and regard for each other.

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