Taking the Cake
Season 03, Episode 42b
Taking the Cake
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Air Date March 4, 2002
Previous The Transformation of Frank Stein
Next Terror in Toon Town

Taking the Cake is the B part of the forty-second episode of the three season of Mona the Vampire on March 4, 2002.

Summary Edit

An old witch named Gertrude created with jealousy ray small figurines that these gâcherons the wedding reception of Mrs. Bryerson and Henry, for their mistress wanted Henry would be with her as before.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Emma Taylor-Isherwood Mona Parker / Mona the Vampire
Carrie Finlay Lily Duncan / Princess Giant
Justin Bradley Charley Bones / Zapman
Tia Caroleo Angela Smith
Sonja Ball Mrs. Bryerson
Gary Jewell Officer Halcroft
Carole Jeghers Mrs. Parker
Marcel Jeannin Mr. Parker
Louis Negin Reverend Gregory

Uncredited appearances Edit

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