The Case of the Moll Troll
Season 03, Episode 52a
The Case of the Moll Troll
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Air Date June 14, 2002
Previous 18 Holes to Oblivion
Next The Alien Magician

The Case of the Moll Troll is the A part of the fifty-second episode of the third season of Mona the Vampire, which was first broadcast on June 14, 2002.

Summary Edit

Under the direction of Miss Larken, Mona classmates go up a play entitled "The dangers of destiny." The distribution of roles is not without cause some friction. Indeed Angela is determined to play the main character, Ingrid. Alas, only Mona knows that Ingrid is threatened ... by trolls!

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Emma Taylor-Isherwood Mona Parker / Mona the Vampire
Carrie Finlay Lily Duncan / Princess Giant
Justin Bradley Charley Bones / Zapman
Susan Glover Ingrid / Mademoiselle Larken
Rick Miller Principal Shawbly
Tia Caroleo Angela Smith
Oliver Grainger George Jamell

Uncredited appearances Edit

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