The Lost Pirates
Season 01, Episode 21b
The Lost Pirates
Air Date February 14, 2000
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The Lost Pirates is the B part of the twenty one episode of the first season of Mona the Vampire, which was first broadcast on Feb 14, 2000.

Summary Edit

The city is in full agitation, because the water pressure system area no longer works. According to the plumber, the roots of the tree Mona wrap around water pipes and as the tree would not have the choice of cut. Mona discovers a vessel laden with miniature pirates! and they sailed by mistake in a dimensional gap and now desperately need to find their way to their distant ocean and their captain is surely somewhere in the village.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Emma Taylor-Isherwood Mona the Vampire / Mona Parker
Carrie Finlay Princess Giant / Lily Duncan
Justin Bradley Zapman / Charley Bones
Tia Caroleo Angela Smith
Marcel Jeannin Mr. Parker
Jennifer Seguin Miss Gotto
The waitress of the restaurant
Sonja Ball Mrs. Bryerson
Louis Negin Reverend Gregory

Uncredited appearances Edit