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    Oh no, guys! Mona the Vampire had its series finale in 2003 and stopped airing on television in some areas, and there haven't been anymore written books, as you all probably know! I really want to see more of the show created. It is the best television series I have ever seen! In other words, it's my favorite show. So does anyone have any plans to successfully bring the franchise back to life? Perhaps we could contact television networks about this somehow? I mean come on. They have to at least make a spinoff. If you have ideas, just comment and tell me. In the meantime, everyone click "I do!" so we can convince the companies.

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  • MadisonGrundtvig

    Spelling Help

    January 1, 2014 by MadisonGrundtvig

    Hello! There are some names in Mona the Vampire that I have a hard time making out in my head. For instance, I hear a name of a minor character, and I cannot figure out if his name is Mr. Ervin or Mr. Earvin. (That is not a real character, although I just made that up for the example.) Do you guys think that there is a way you could help me with this for the sake of accuracy in our Wiki? I almost named Mr. Arley's page "Mr. Early" since I could not clearly make out how to spell the name, and if it were not for the episode's online transcript that I saved the page from being inaccurate. You can also find some characters' names spelled correctly (I would assume) on the episode descriptions of Wikipedia's episode list. Anyway, so to the point;…

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