Hello! There are some names in Mona the Vampire that I have a hard time making out in my head. For instance, I hear a name of a minor character, and I cannot figure out if his name is Mr. Ervin or Mr. Earvin. (That is not a real character, although I just made that up for the example.) Do you guys think that there is a way you could help me with this for the sake of accuracy in our Wiki? I almost named Mr. Arley's page "Mr. Early" since I could not clearly make out how to spell the name, and if it were not for the episode's online transcript that I saved the page from being inaccurate. You can also find some characters' names spelled correctly (I would assume) on the episode descriptions of Wikipedia's episode list. Anyway, so to the point; is there a way we can confirm the spelling of minor characters' names? Perhaps there is a place on the web with transcripts of every episode of the show? Or maybe there is a way to watch all of the episodes with subtitles on the bottom of the screen? Tell me if you have any suggestions. Due to the inactivity of this Wiki, I probably won't get a response very soon, but I will be patient. Thanks for taking your time to read, and happy editing. MadisonGrundtvig (talk) 22:09, January 1, 2014 (UTC)

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