The Announcer Noel MacNeal reads the episode title card aloud then a story opened. In fact, the audience asked the viewer what title you want to spell out. Then the song sung by Big Bird and Snuffy called My Best friend then the next scene starts. the Announcer announces the clues then the song follows Try To Touch The Sky sung by Snook in the end before Barney Says. By the time Barney Says was done, the credits roll.

Sesame Street Audio and Video Preview (1997-2000)

Sesame Street CD and Cassette Preview (1998-2000)

Sony Wonder FBI Warning Screen (1995-2006)

Sony Wonder Logo (1995-2006)

CTW Logo (1997-2000)

Start of the Program

Ending of the Program

Song: Try To Touch The Sky

Barney Says

End Credits

Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast 1992 VHS Offer

Purple Static Big Bird Says Toodleoo

Thanks For Helping Screen

Previews of other audio and video products

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