"Oh no, Tater is still asleep!", said Jojo. "How can we wake him so he dosen't miss his big birthday party?"

"Making noise didn't work, Goliath", said Jojo. "Here comes Skeebo. Maybe he has an idea."

"I've got it!", said Skeebo. "We'll laugh Tater awake." "That's a super duper idea", agreed Jojo.

"I'll act like a bunny while you pretend to be a funny chicken."

"He's still sleeping", sighed Skeebo. "Maybe Trina and Croacky will know what to do. Here they come now."

"When I'm sleepy in the morning, I stretch myself awake", suggested Trina. "Maybe that will work with Tater, too." "It's worth a try", said Jojo...

"...but how should we stretch him?"

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