In "Where Do Ducks Come From?", Monsterpiece Theater took place for "Monsters of Venice" a party. Lexi and Jam: Lexi was about to conduct his swell orchestra. Countin' Carl: the number five with this message from Ally and Samantha that they're having a hard time counting today. He learned that 3 plus 2 fish that equal just five. Max And His Alphabet Adventures: the letter M took place where Max and the letter M for "Max" visit Molly the Mouse. Muppet Time took place where the Frog Scouts get everything where they need them. Trosa sings "Time Tin Stop Doing" to the tune of this Christmas hit "The First Noel" sung by Molly Ringwald before The Animal Parade. When the windmill was about to stop spinning, which means Clover's doing The Ten Second Tidy.

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